Welcome, Zak Wolpert

Zak Wolpert has been a friend of Bell for many years. In 2004, he was introduced to Bell when they bought a single-family home near where his mother lives. Inspired by Bell’s ambition and community presence, he joined the board of directors in 2017 at the strong recommendation of his good friend Tim Klimchock, who himself was president of the board at the time. Now, six years later, Zak follows in Tim’s footsteps as Bell’s new Board President.

Despite Zak’s experience serving on various boards, Bell’s board of directors continues to surprise him. “When you participate in a lot of boards like this, they tend to run their course,” Zak says, noting Bell’s as an exception. When he first joined, he was impressed by the tenure of many long-standing board members like Tim, whom Zak would come to see as a mentor for his age and experience. He views the extensive service of Bell’s board members as “a testament to who the organization truly is,” as well as their passion and commitment to Bell’s mission statement, which is regularly referred to at board meetings. 

Zak Wolpert dressed as a bunny at Bell’s 2022 Big Bed Race.

Above all, Zak appreciates how Bell empowers its employees and members. “This is truly one of the best hands-on working boards I’ve been a part of,” he says. “We’re not an advisory board where we just come in and nod our heads. We get involved.” Some of Zak’s favorite memories at Bell exemplify his active role, such as making thank you calls to recurring donors and participating in Bell’s Big Bed Race where he infamously dressed up in a bunny suit. He views the Family Shelter initiative as his passion project, citing its announcement at Bell’s annual meeting three years ago as another one of his favorite memories. 

Zak describes the experience of serving on Bell’s board as humbling and rewarding. “It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day, and going on board tours and seeing how certain people have to live their lives is humbling and gives us a sense of perspective and gratitude.” He has been inspired by community efforts such as the Steel family’s 2021 bake sale fundraiser, which Zak himself helped with. As board president, Zak wants to give Bell’s service users a voice while working to improve their lives. “I can say how great Bell is for the community or what we’re going to bring to the community, but my story’s never going to be as impactful as someone who actually went through it and lived it.”

Aside from being our board president, Zak is currently the Vice President of Business Development at Poole Anderson Construction. He keeps busy by day and loves spending time with his wife Danielle, his two dogs, and his three boys, Briggs, Kash, and Krew.