Empowered to Succeed and Giving Back

Candice Warren is the Assistant Program Coordinator of Bell’s Community Residential Apartment Services program. She can often be found taking the time to go above and beyond, helping in any way she can.
“It is just so fulfilling,” Candice said during a recent interview. “When you get in here, you fall in love with the consumers and realize how much of an impact you make. It is rewarding to know that you are helping somebody.”
Coincidentally, Candice’s connection with Bell started when she was a child. She shared, “I stayed at Bell Family Shelter a few times when I was a kid. After my Mom and Dad divorced, my Mom and I experienced homelessness. It didn’t register to me where we were, ” Candice added, “I remember playing on the playground at the shelter and that I always tried to help out. The staff was nice.”
As a young adult, Candice stayed at Bell Family Shelter one last time during a difficult period in her life. She said, “I had lost everything. I didn’t have a job, a home, or a car. I was super motivated to get on my feet and do better. I got a job after a week of staying there. The staff was encouraging, offering all the help they could.” Her motivation was fierce as she built a better life.
“We ended up getting a room for rent after my first two paychecks. I worked my way up, getting an apartment and a house. I got my associate’s degree in Social Science from HACC, “Candice continued, “It feels good to be where I am now. When I was in my worst time, I knew I wanted to help people get to a better place. I know what it is like to need somebody during a hard time.”
It has all come full circle. Candice now helps Bell  service users in the mental health department to get to a better place as she pursues her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology. She said, “I love my job so much. I love what we do for our consumers, even the little things like helping them get an income, a job, or work towards a goal. I know that our program makes a positive impact on people’s lives. It is so rewarding.”
Candice has a beautiful family, a job that she loves, and a home of her own. Her children are incredibly proud of their Mom. Through her determination and drive, she has accomplished so much. When Candice needed Bell Family Shelter, it was there for her. Today, she is there for Bell’s consumers. She said, “It is a blessing to say I love my job.”