Your Support of Bell Family Shelter is Key to Families’ Success

In the midst of a pandemic, while many people were stocking up on toilet paper and pulling out puzzles because they didn’t know when they’d be leaving the house again, Nicole was preparing to leave her home.

Working, but with no savings to put toward a new place, she knew leaving was going to be hard, yet staying in an abusive relationship felt much more dangerous than getting out of it. She made arrangements for herself and her little boy to temporarily stay with a friend and filed a Protection from Abuse Order against her husband.

Even with a steady income from her full-time job, it would take time for Nicole to save up for a deposit and first and last month’s rent. She was already working a lot of hours to earn extra money to send to Puerto Rico to help support a family member there with their medical expenses.

So she stayed with friends, waiting for a spot to open at Bell Family Shelter. When it did, she used her vacation time from work for the first two weeks she was there so she could really concentrate on getting housing. Her nine-year old son, who their caseworker, Mary, said does really well in school,  kept up with his homework and studies.

Near the end of her stay, Nicole shared, “I’m really grateful for Bell Family Shelter. Even though we all come from different situations . . . it’s a place where we can work it out.” Pausing to wipe tears from her eyes, she continued, “I’m grateful for the Shelter because my son has a roof over his head.”

Hundreds  of families come to Bell Family Shelter  every year looking for that place where they can catch their breath; where they can work things out.

Your donation makes that possible.

Please open your heart during this holiday season and make a gift to support Bell Family Shelter.

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Thank you! And all the very best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.

from the staff of Bell Family Shelter