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Give Local York Results

YOU DID IT!  Your gifts of support to Bell during our Give Local York campaign resulted in more than $36,700!  Every dollar raised helps us keep our meaningful work moving forward into 2021, providing emergency, transitional and supported housing as well as job readiness, life skills training, and socialization opportunities. Please stay engaged throughout the […]

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Generosity: a readiness to give more

When someone mentions the holiday season, we often think of gratitude. (OK, OK, maybe we think of turkey, or family, or gifts. Then gratitude!) There’s plenty to be said for giving thanks, even in the most challenging times. But while gratitude focuses on the blessings bestowed to us, it’s generosity that inherently shifts the focus […]

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Buy a Blanket to Benefit Bell

While the holidays may not hold all the same traditions as usual this year, you can still spread a little comfort and joy by gifting cozy blankets from Bell’s special 2020 Blanket Store, knowing a portion of the sale of each blanket purchased supports the empowering work of Bell programs. We curated a collection of six […]

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