Household Groceries Needed

Bell’s Launch program has three transitional living homes in York City serving six to 10 people each.  Residents pay a portion of their income* for rent. Bell’s mental health services department receives basic funding to run the homes, providing a stable environment for individuals living with mental illness to work on individualized goals, i.e. employment, basic skills for managing appointments, budgeting, cooking & housekeeping, transportation, etc. so that one day they may transition out of the group living situation and into more permanent self-empowered independent living.

*most individuals have low income; some have none

Funding sources provide less than $300/week for groceries to feed a household (which may be 10 people).  Managing the households’ finances, Bell staff shop very frugally, choosing bargain products, and using store deals and coupons to make the most of the limited budget.


As grocery prices increase, it is getting more challenging to stretch the budget to meet the needs of the people in our care. Your assistance would go a long way to help.

If you are interested in hosting a food drive to support the Launch program, please reach out to Janel Fox at 717-848-5767, ext. 1515 to share your intentions, ask any questions, and coordinate a drop off.

Items that are particularly helpful are:

Canned foods 

Fruit in own juice or light syrup

Soup—Large cans or multiple cans of same style to make a meal all residents can share

Beans—baked beans or cans of beans for making chili or other dinners

Boxed foods like macaroni and cheese, potatoes, stuffing, cereal (we hear Fruity Pebbles are a house favorite, but others will suit, too), taco shells and seasoning, pasta noodles, etc.

Snacks—chips and pretzels, cheese curls, popcorn, granola bars, and such

Additional items

Storage, freezer, and sandwich bags,

sponges and scrubbers, dish soap,

toilet paper, paper towels





If you are interested in hosting a food drive to support the Launch program, please reach out in advance to Janel Fox at 717-848-5767, ext. 1515.