I Loved Learning about all of Bell’s Opportunities

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, this seems fitting, “You’re off to GREAT places. Today is YOUR day! So, get on your way!”
Sheri Andrews, Clubhouse Specialist, at Bell’s Oasis House was off to GREAT places when she began her internship at Bell Family Shelter in 1990. “I loved the opportunity that I was given at the shelter working with families and children and getting out into the community,” she said, and “also learning about all the OPPORTUNITIES Bell has to offer.”
She chose to start her career at Bell due to the many options that were available with the agency. Sheri began her employment at Bell working in the mental health department. She commented, “I found Bell to be a family atmosphere and enjoyed the years I have worked here.”
Sheri left to raise her family, but she said, “After my kids were grown it seemed only fitting that I return to a place that felt like family and that was Bell.” She became employed at the Clubhouse, where she is at today!
Her internship in 1990, led Sheri to a career that she enjoys. To sum it up she says, “I was an intern, left to raise my family, and now returned to the place that feels like family!”
If you are looking for a career that you enjoy, that has a purpose, and allows you to help change the lives of others, Bell Socialization Services sounds like a great fit. Please check out our current job openings at http://bellsocialization.com/careers-with-bell/.