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Dollar Diner

What’s for lunch on Thursday? Could be taco salad or a BLT. Could be turkey and mashed potatoes with stuffing on the side. Could be empanadillas and refried beans. And you can count on a sweet treat for dessert. Drink (iced tea, punch, maybe lemonade) optional. Before the onset of the Spring 2020 coronavirus outbreak, […]

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Masked Artist Boosts Mental Health

Sometime this past Tuesday morning, cheerful messages mysteriously began appearing on the sidewalks outside some of Bell’s mental health program  locations. As the day advanced, staff and residents were delighted to open the door and step outside to see yellow suns, rainbows, flowers, and balloons drawn with sidewalk chalk. As word spread from one residential […]

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Bell log: Mental Health Residential Programs

It’s a challenge that may be familiar to a lot of you who are cooped up in the house these days: Boredom. When you’re used to getting out and connecting with people at work, school, and other activities, it can be challenging to wrap your head around other ways to be productive and/or occupied. Isolation […]

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